Nomad Africa

A concept was borne from a passionate desire to dispel the negative perceptions which the world has held of the African Continent, and to replace it with a positive focus. The project involves using several media platforms to promote and celebrate the continent of Africa. That concept took form in the creation of the Nomad Africa Magazine, a print media platform, in 2012.

Nomad Africa celebrates life on the African continent and promotes its vibrant pulse through our Pan-Africanist ideology, to encourage the solidarity of Africans worldwide. It aims to foster a strong interest in the continent's cultural heritage, unique tourist attractions and countless business development and investment opportunities, with the millions of people living in, investigating or visiting Africa.

Nomad Africa inspires and breeds a conscious, knowledgeable generation of visionaries among our own, and influences positive perceptions and appreciation for the true worth of Africa worldwide.

The Nomad Africa project has created a unique advertising platform for clients wishing to promote business, investments and awareness of their services and products in Africa.