Nomad Africa

To many, Africa is still viewed as ‘third world’, although it is rightfully starting to be recognized as a developing continent. Negative perceptions range from Africa being impoverished, largely rural, disease-infested, lacking infrastructure and technologically backward, with many of its countries considered as ‘Banana Republics’. Other perceptions include its inhabitants being uneducated, uncivilized or savage - to even those who believe that elephants, buffalo and lions roam freely through city streets and villages! It is these myths, along with a number of other negative perceptions, that Nomad Africa seeks to dispel.

Project Importance and Sustainabiity
Apart from assisting this project at its greenfields level, funders need to appreciate the job creation the project will generate. To date, the Nomad Africa project has generated more than 55 freelance and contract positions. The long-term vision is to engage a pool of talented employees on a full-time basis who will be completely devoted to the project and its high-quality standards. The scope for job creation and sustainability is therefore vast and offers enormous potential.

The Nomad Africa magazine team will work tirelessly to make its brand the leading publication on Africa and rich opportunities it has to offer the world. Our primary focus is on Africa, but medium to long-term goals include ensuring the printed publication is distributed worldwide. It is the only African magazine that will be available free of charge to readers and widely distributed through networks incorporating: airports, airlines, luxury spas, resorts, game lodges and hotels, casinos, on board luxury cruise liners and tourism boards.

Our mission is pretty celebrate the continent of Africa.