Nomad Africa

To achieve our noble ideal, we realised it would be nigh on impossible for us, on our own. We are therefore constantly extending open invitations for Partners and Investors, on all levels, in all spheres, who share the same vision, to assist us in this massive Project.

Since the launch in July 2012, the project has consistently received positive reviews from its vast readership, media partners and advertising clientele, which are all steadily growing. To those Partners and their clientele. We have acquired such influential media partners due to our honourable objectives. The Nomad Africa project lays special emphasis on the fast growth paths in African Industry, the myriad investment and developmental opportunities, innovations in commerce & technology, together with trends in fashions and life-style. We enunciate African history, business, tourism and special destinations; culture, arts and life style, all affirmed in our intelligent and stimulating editorials.

Investors are the bloodline of our noble Pan African ideal; people and organisations who share that ideal and the passionate desire to dispel the negative perceptions which the world has held of the African Continent, and to replace it with a positive focus.

We wish to extend publicly, our heartfelt appreciation to our existing Investors, and advance our open hearted invitation to any other potential Investors out there who want to join us in our mission towards African social, cultural and moral Upliftment. Contact us at your earliest convenience: